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2022-06-15 11:13:55 By : Ms. Lisa Fan

In the collective unconscious, a tiny house or container house is a small house, ecological, made of wood or metal for a minimalist life... This description may have been true when alternative habitats began to break into the world of construction. , but this is no longer necessarily the case today.It must be said that the construction costs for an equal area with a traditional house are much lower.With container houses, it is now possible to afford large living areas, for very competitive prices.And this type of dwelling no longer necessarily means small house, the proof with this container “castle” located near Chicago in the United States.This shipping container home features masterful design and modern luxury uniquely embodied in this incredible abode built from 7 massive shipping containers.Four large units form the ground floor and three others placed on the first form the upper floor… One of the roofs of the lower containers has been left free, to create a magnificent and immense terrace which overlooks the landscape.The least we can say is that in this house, which sold in less than three weeks, the new owners will not lack space… The rooms are huge and tastefully decorated.For example, the kitchen is very spacious, equipped with the latest appliances, and has a huge central island with a butcher block counter for sharing meals and family activities.The shower, which the former owners wanted to be Italian, is also oversized.Let's take a moment to look at the living space formed by the entire ground floor: the room is huge, and has a lounge area with two large sofas and a coffee table.You can see two metal staircases in a contemporary style;the first leads upstairs and the second seems to come from the basement.The decoration is sober, and seems linked to the world of aeronautics with metal, gray carpeting and a magnificent triptych representing an airplane.In this same room, a corner has been set up for children, with a small living room and a teepee to hide in.The living room also seems to serve as a gym, since an exercise bike sits prominently there.The floor of this container house offers three large bedrooms;one room is devoted to entertainment with sofa and flat screen on the wall.The ceiling of the rooms has kept the metallic look of the container, and everything has been designed around the color gray.Finally, we discover on the first floor a magnificent terrace on the roof of one of the containers which form the ground floor.This one is equipped with a magnificent garden furniture, and a resolutely modern metal railing!According to information given by the site 100.9 The Eagle, the house sold in three weeks for around €175,000 only!Do you want to build, have your container house built or find out more about these homes?Find our complete file on container houses.More info: email address will not be published.Mandatory fields are marked with *Save my name, email and site in the browser for my next comment.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Learn more about how your comment data is used.